Yes, I know uncategorisable is not a word. But it will be (perhaps by losing the e?)

ANYWAY. I’m turning 30. A lot of people have suggested this must be depressing for me, so for a while there I tried to feel sad.

And then I realised they were chumps and that age is a state of mind… or something.

Whilst in my self induced pity party, I did have this deep epiphany that I should do something more, something meaningful, something better with my life, and my oodles of spare time that seems to get chomped up staring out the window. And then like this:


I decided I’d leave improving the world to the amazingly talented people who are already successfully blogging about raw food diets, the best child rearing habits and their special abilities in creating poison free soap and shampoo from everyday garden ingredients (I’m not paying anyone out – I truly mean these people are having positive impact on the world – just don’t expect that from me.)

Stop! Don’t leave yet – you’ll still find me waxing lyrical about my morning green smoothies, hatred of palm oil killing innocent animals and yelling from the rooftops that everyone needs to watch Blackfish (seriously, you’re a shit person if you refuse to watch it, unless you’ll never recover for the rest of your life, and then you have a decent excuse)…but you’ll also find I like to talk about my strong cheeseburger cravings and my penchant for romance novels too.

So what is this blog actually about? Well apart from being SO late to the party in terms of writing for the internets…

Like some outstanding people before me (like Mamma Mia in our country – am sure this is blog suicide to link to them, because that page totally rocks and is seriously huge over here and it is much better than this, so really I’m doing you a favour by linking it so you can read that instead.)

I’d like to discuss a whole range of issues that matter to me and I think should matter to lots of people.

Sometimes, we will escape harsh reality to wax lyrical about celebrity fashion, and sometimes I will subject you all to an especially vitriolic rant about the state of politics in Australia. Sometimes I may just post my favourite YouTube music clip (illegally most likely because I really don’t get how this shit works) and we can all have a virtual dance session together.

Unfortunately for people looking for a specific blog, this one can’t be categorised and has no helpful search words – there will be some news, some opinion, some ridiculous thoughts and some escapism thrown in for good measure. Hopefully on any given day, it will appeal to you!

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One Response to Uncategoriseable

  1. Lauren says:

    As a fellow cheeseburger lover, I can’t wait to read more!

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