My Wish to You

After being 40 degrees yesterday, it is raining and the roads have flooded today. Therefore, unless you’re lying in bed watching Strictly Ballroom (best movie EVER, and I do mean ever, and yes even compared to Compote or The English Patient or The Muppets) and dreaming of becoming Tina Sparkle when you grow up, you more than likely need some help getting through the day.

Alas, you’re in the wrong place, I don’t feel much like helping today! Ha!

Instead, I wrote a poem. It isn’t as good as things that are published, otherwise I’d be typing to you from a gold bathtub surrounded by various luxury items I can’t describe because I don’t know they exist. My poem is kind of like a ruminating way to hope for a better future. Whatevs, don’t bag me for it. And also don’t scrape it or steal it or whatever for a year 3 project or something, cos as bland as it is, it is mine, and I’ll find you and kill you and no one will ever find you.

My Wish for You

Let your mind be free of rumbling thunder,
Let your eyes see clear blue skies.
Let your wisdom guide your body,
Let your hands help others to rise.
Let one voice become many,
Let their ideas grow in colour and light
Let people in positions of power,
Allow their conscience to join the fight.

Let our trees grow tall and old,
Let our animals run wild and free.
Help our world preserve its natural gifts,
And open all our eyes to see.
Let us see those who have nothing at all,
Let us stop collecting more than we need.
Let us give life to another’s worth,
Let us turn our backs on greed.

Let the violence lie dormant and forgotten,
Let the hurt be washed away.
Let our resources be used for inspiration,
And welcome a fresh, clean day.
Let our histories be told strong and true,
Let us amend for mistakes of the past.
Let our dreams be shared and pure,
Let our good intentions be the last.

© solatetotheparty

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One Response to My Wish to You

  1. kaye says:

    Thank you for these uplifting sentiments so beautifully expressed

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