Swim with Moi

I have been told by expert friends (their patience seems unlimited; challenge accepted!) to fill this page with information about who I am and what I do.

I still have this strong desire to remain anonymous (despite in my initial spastic excitement about starting this ridiculous blog and sending this to my friends and work colleagues, so now I can’t a) bitch about them and b) tell everyone about my workplace unless I redact half of it) but I am told that you can’t put opinions or bold statements or critiques of the world on the internets without owning up to it. UGH.

So here you go – an accurate, unbiased and non-inflated version of me is below.

1) I expect to be treated like this at all times, and will throw tantrums if not:


2) This is how everyone, including myself, describes me:


Ha! Yeah nah.

I spent 7.5 years at university; so along with my mortgage, my high maintenance dog (he has no sense of danger) and my “definitely needs help” obsession with buying body wash, I owe a lot of money and have no immediate plans to pay any of it back. I graduated 3 times (different degrees) and have with me some knowledge about international politics and journalism. After graduating the third time, I started out as a journo on a local newspaper beat, hated it and was not tough enough to hack it. So I moved to the dark side (according to any self-respecting journo in the business) and worked in Canberra at Parliament House as a media advisor (our version of the White House, except no one would make a movie about it being blown up – I’m sure no one would notice for a few days!), and now work in a similar role closer to home (I lie, it is way less exciting but that is ok).

My life highlight so far was seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert, even though Kevin wasn’t there was meeting and marrying my best friend – he’s pretty cool.

I have a very special family and lovely friends and I think I’m pretty lucky. Now I’ve made myself totally uninteresting and redundant, you can go read some other snarky blogger who has better jokes and does more stuff like this (seriously I almost wet myself every time I see it):



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